Maya beauty Institute, formally Permanent makeup Int.  been making its mark ever since it opened in 2005: not only does it have the utmost respect for the art of makeup, it’s also an illustration of technical perfection, a reflection of the luxury and elegance. Maya Abaroa the best professional trainer will help you to pave the way for your career. To ensure personal supervision and guidance, you will receive top-level in-studio training as part of a class of only 6 to 10 students. Our Institute has developed two kinds of workshops. To first aimed at professionals, the second for first timers. Beginners do not require prior knowledge, whereas the advanced option caters exclusively for experienced makeup artist.

 The makeup program has been based on theoretical and practical classes; this program will be rounded off by the different internships you will be participating in. These internships, which you will follow throughout your curriculum, are accessible thanks to Maya Beauty Institute solid network and tutors. They push you in building your personal professional experience, permitting you to create your own network; thereby increasing your chances of employment in the future. This follows our goal, which consists in doing all we can to help you become an experienced and highly accomplished makeup artist.